Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr. Russell's House

I watched Mr. Russell's House on NBATV. This one-hour interview chronicled Bill Russell’s life and career with the Boston Celtics. During the show, NBA legend Bill Russell chatted with Bill Simmons about growing up and playing for the Celtics during the Civil Rights era.

They also covered Russell’s battles with Wilt Chamberlain. In The Book of Basketball, Simmons devoted a whole chapter to Russell versus Chamberlain.

Sharon walked through the room while I was watching it and commented on how old Russell looked. Bill Russell just turned 79 years old. Wilt Chamberlain died in 1999 at the age of 63.

Simmons said that they filmed more than three hours that were cut down to fit in an hour long telecast. I continue to be amazed at the media empire that Bill Simmons is building. He has parlayed an AOL web site in the 1990's into a weekly ESPN column and then into the Grantland web site, the 30 for 30 film series and appearances on the NBA shoot around sitting next to Magic Johnson...

Mr. Russell's House is definitely worth looking for on the NBATV schedule. It does not appear to be available in iTunes or Amazon.

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