Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2,000 miles! - Virtually Biking Across America - Day 93

Virtually Biking Across America - Day 93

On Day 93, I rode 24.54 miles in western Missouri. Jumping off the Blue Parkway to the NW Blue Parkway, I followed a series of roads to the southeast. This included left on NW Colbern Road, right on N Main Street, left on NW Chipman Road, right on SE Independence Avenue, left on NE Langsford Road and right on Milton Thompson Road. I finally picked up Highway 50 east. I finished the ride at the intersection of Highway 50 and NW 1501 Street Road.

The ride climbed for first nine miles through grades of 6 to 9 percent. Once I hit Highway 50, it was a flat, fast ride.

The trip log for Virtually Biking Across America is here. I have now covered more than 2,000 miles since I started!

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