Saturday, July 06, 2019

2019 East Coast Trip - Day 8

Sleeping fairly late, we packed up the room and checked out. We won't stay at the Georgetown Westin again. It is just around the corner from the Georgetown Marriott and we decided to stay there as a change of pace. Unfortunately, it is not as nice as the Marriott. It is fairly beat up, while the Marriott has been completely remodeled. It is hard to believe, but we made reservations on Friday at the Marriott for Jack's graduation next May...

We took the rental car to Jack's apartment and parked in the back alley. The three of us walked to breakfast at the Café Bonaparte.

After breakfast, Sharon and I headed to BWI. We caught a 2:05 pm nonstop Southwest flight from BWI to Sacramento. It pulled away from the gate about twenty five minutes late. We then sat on the tarmac for a few minutes while they said that they were checking to make sure that they had enough fuel for an alternate flight path?!? It turns out that the flight got routed south away from some weather before turning west.

It ended up being about a 5 3/4 hour flight. We landed about 5:30 pm. It took us over an hour and a half to get off the plane, collect our luggage and get home.

It was great to have a chance to see Jack. We ended up seeing him 6 of the 8 days on the trip. He seems to be enjoying his apartment and his job with The Corp. I also appreciated the opportunity to connect with the Nooters.

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