Thursday, July 11, 2019

Catta Verdera

Thursday evening, Sharon and I played nine holes with the Sanborns at Catta Verdura. After a rocky start, I settled down and had a number of nice shots. Unlike the Quest scramble tournament in May, I actually felt like I started to get a little bit of a rhythm. I still chunked a number of shots, particularly around the greens.

I ended up shooting a 60. I am often pretty liberal with my scoring. This was probably a more accurate score. When we played the front nine with the Sanborns and the Gainsleys two years ago, I carded a 58...

Sharon had a very good round. It may be the best I have ever seen her play for an extended stretch. Sharon ended up with a 49.

Finishing up on the course about 815 pm, we headed to the Sanborn's house for dinner. They served a nice salmon dinner.

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