Tuesday, October 12, 2021

2021 Oregon - Day 12 - Crosswater Golf Course - 25th Wedding Anniversary

Sharon slept very late; after 8 am. We had a quick bite at Brewed Awakenings in the Sunriver Village.

The plan for the day was playing golf at the Crosswater Golf Course. Due to single digit temperatures overnight, there was a frost delay. We had a 10:15 am tee time, but it was pushed until 11:27 am.

We ended up playing with Ryan Wigley. I asked him what he did for a living about the twelfth hole. It turned out that he is the first assistant Golf Professional at Rogue Valley Country Club. I was glad that we didn't know that he was a golf pro until later in the round.

I felt solid on the driving range, but I continue to be very inconsistent. Most of the day, I drove the ball pretty well. On the first three par threes, I actually had a chance at par. My short chipping was off again. Additionally, the greens were very difficult; they were extremely fast and sloped back to front.

I fell apart on the par three 17th. It was a 190 yard shot across a wasteland. I now count this as the worst I have played on a hole in forty years.

I ended up shooting a liberally scored 116. The scorecard is here.

Dashing back to the room, we got changed and headed to Sisters. We drove to Bill and Carol Martin's house. They moved from Sacramento to Sisters in June of 2020. Sharon and I worked with Bill at Farm Credit. Sharon also has some history with them before she and I got together. We had dinner with them and the Wongs in 2017.

After a cocktail at their house, the four of us went to The Open Door for dinner. The Martins had reserved a small greenhouse in the back yard; it was very cool. After an appetizer of BACON & ROASTED BRUSSELS [served with balsamic glaze drizzle & Parmesan], Sharon and Bill had WILD HALIBUT [WITH BASIL PESTO WITH SHAVED PARMESAN SERVED OVER HOUSE-MADE MASHED POTATOES], while Carol and I had ITALIAN SAUSAGE LASAGNAS [Italian sausage layered with ricotta and mozzarella and parmesan]. It was a very nice evening.

By the time, Sharon and I drove back to Sunriver and crashed, it was after 11 pm.

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