Monday, October 04, 2021

2021 Oregon - Day 4 - Cape Perpetua - 25th Wedding Anniversary

After packing up the room, we had breakfast in the lodge. We both had Seasonal Garden Vegetable Frittata with spinach, mushroom, sweet pepper and feta cheese. It was served with potatoes, homemade toast and Northwest Peppered Bacon.

We rolled from the Tu Tu' Tun about 9:15 am. We had a number of stops planned for the day. We broke the day into four one hour hops.

The first stop was Bandon Dunes. When we first started planning the trip in May, we tried to book a couple of nights there. It was already completely booked. We decided to stop there and check the place out. I am intriguted. Maybe we will come back with the Wongs or the Gainsleys for a golf trop.

The second hop was the Dean's Creek Elk Viewing area. This was a little of a kerfuffle; they were sealing the road. Regardless, we got a chance to see a number of elk.

The third hop was a lunch stop. We had a nice lunch at the Luna Sea Fish Market in Yachats. Sharon had halibut fish and chips and I had a halibut sandwich. Sharon said that it was the best fish and chips that she had ever had!

The last stop for the day was Cape Perpetua. We parked at the visitor center and hiked the Captain Cook Trail down to the ocean. The area includes Thor's Well and the Spouting Horn. Looping back to the Visitor Center, we hiked the Giant Spruce Trail out and back. In total, we hiked a little over three miles in an hour and a half.
We finally rolled up to the lodge about 5:45 pm. We are spending two nights at the Salishan Coast Lodge. This is a large rambling property with a number of buildings spread across the hillside.

Sharon was not very happy with the room. It is a little dated. Apparently, the property has changed ownership recently.

We walked back to the main lodge. One of the struggles is going to be finding somewhere to eat. Most of the restaurants on the property are closed on Monday and Tuesday. We knew this ahead of time.

After some discussion and research, we ended up getting dinner at the Provision Market in the lodge. I had a Vegetable Chop Salad [romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, red onions, carrots, poblano avocado ranch dressing], while Sharon had a Ancient Grains Saiad [quinoa, arugula, tomato, carrot, almond, green goddess dressing]. We split Vegetarian Dumplings.

We finished the night watching episode eleven of season two of Ted Lasso on the AppleTV.

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