Tuesday, January 30, 2024


As a retirement gift, Adventist Health gave me a REI gift certificate. I put it towards a refresh of my ski equipment. I have been skiing on poles I bought in 1977, boots I got in 1982 and skis and bindings that Sharon gave me for Christmas in 1998.

I spent the day at Northstar with Larkin skiing on the new equipment. The weather was warm; the temperature got up to 50 degrees by mid-day. As a result, the snow conditions were not the best. Additionally, the coverage was a little sparse at the bottom of a couple of runs that we explored after lunch.

I like the new equipment. In spite of the snow conditions, I felt like I got stronger and more comfortable over the course of the day. I wore a brace on my right knee; it held up pretty well.

I always enjoy Larkin's company. I need to ski a couple more times this year!

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