Sunday, January 28, 2024

Back from Moore's birthday party

Tomasin and Wallen were up and moving just after 7 am. They both had early morning flights and rolled from the Residence Inn a little after 8 am.

I had a quick bite to eat and then worked out in the fitness room. I walked and ran four miles in just over an hour.

Getting cleaned up and packing up the room, I caught an Uber about 11:30 am to the airport.

After wandering around the airport looking for somethig to eat, I settled on having a tuna salad sandwich near my gate. Both Saturday and Sunday, I had more than 19,000 steps! I spent the early afternoon watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the Baltimore Ravens on my iPad.

I caught a 3:30 pm Southwest flight back to Sacramento. Boarding with A36, I was able to get a very nice exit row aisle seat on MAX 8. One of my ongoing rants is why people pass up these comfortable exit row seats. It was a completely full plane. All of the people that boarded ahead of me were crowded towards the front of the plane.

I was able to watch the first half of the San Francisco 49ers versus Detroit Loins game on my iPad on the plane. Landing about 4:20 pm, I was home during halftime of the game.

Sharon anbd I finished the day watching the second half of the 49ers game at Jim and Debi's house. Trailing 24 to 7 at halftime, the 49ers rallied to beat the Loins by the score of 34 to 31.

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