Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Parks and Recreation - Season Four

Sharon and I finished watching season four of Parks and Recreation in September before we took off for the Middle East. We finished watching season one in August of 2023 and season two and season three in September of 2023.

Season four has twenty-two episodes. It aired from September 22, 2011 to May 10, 2012. The finale, "Win, Lose, or Draw," was originally intended to be the series finale, but the show was renewed for another three seasons.

The fourth season received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations; Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Amy Poehler, and Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for the episodes "The Debate" (also for Poehler) and "Win, Lose, or Draw" for Michael Schur.

The season features an overarching story arc. Beginning in the first episode and culminating in the finale, Leslie runs for the city council of Pawnee. April and Andy get married.

I continue to enjoy the show. I do feel that season four included a number of episodes that jumped the shark; several episodes included behaviors that were completely unrealistc. We have three more seasons and 57 more episodes to watch!?!

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