Monday, January 15, 2024

Celebrating My Birthday

It has been an odd ten days. Work started on January 4 to replace the french doors and windows on the back of the house. Workers were here every day last week, including working on the inside on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It has kept us chained to the house.

Two different teams were supposed to show up today. When they hadn't arrived by late morning, we started making some calls. They both ended up getting rescheduled: one to Tuesday and one to Wednesday...

Drew facetimed from Mexico to wish me happy birthday in the morning. Jack called just as we were pulling up to the restaurant for dinner.

Sharon and I celebrated my birthday at the new Mikuni Sushi at Pavilions on Fair Oaks Boulevard. The restaurant opened last week. We split pan fried gyoza, a wakame salad, a Marlyn Monroll, a James Dean and a Spicy Dream 1 Mix.

We finished the day with presents and cake at home. We watched the first episode of season three of Party Down.

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