Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Heringer's in the Philippines, Day 10

Every night that we were in Boracay, we would sit on the beach in front of a bar called Hey Judes, drink Mai Tais and watch the sunsets. The kids would play on the beach and in the surf.

Wednesday morning, Sharon, Jack and I wandered down the boardwalk looking for somewhere different to eat. We ended up eating at a more upscale resort that primarily cartered to Koreans. After breakfast, we sat and talked to a guy from Houston about Boracay.

Sharon and I went on another dive with Watercolors. We went to a dive spot called the Coral Garden with Randy again as the dive master. The dive was only down to 40 feet and lasted about 30 minutes. The diving was not particularly good; the water was not very clear and there was not an abundance of marine life.

We had lunch at a place called Hamburgers. I stopped an internet cafe and actually ended up exchanging instant messages with Lew Gasper at work. Sharon and Pat had to find a place to get copies of their passports made in order to finalize their arrangements to go to Thailand the following week.

Sharon went to yoga in the afternoon, while I hung out at the pool and on the beach with the kids.

All of us had dinner at a Chinese place called Mrs. Moon.

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