Sunday, January 26, 2003

Heringer's in the Philippines, Day 14

This was Jack and my last day in the Philippines. We spent a lazy day at Pat's house. Sharon and I worked in the morning repacking all of the suitcases. After breakfast, we hung out in the backyard and lounged in the pool with Steve and the kids.

In the late morning, Steve took me through the upscale shopping mall under the freeway to the local dry and wet markets. The variety of smells in the wet market were amazing, if not a little overwhelming.

Afterwards, we wandered into a mall that catered to Philippinos rather than Westerners. It was Sunday afternoon and this mall with packed. Steve and I were the only westerners and really stood out; we were both about six inches taller than everyone else. We went down into the basement and bought some DVDs for about a dollar a piece.

We wandered back to look for Pat and Sharon who were having a manicure and a pedicure. While they were finishing up, Steve and I went to the San Miguel Brew Pub. After they were done, we went back to the 31 story tall hotel for a drink at sunset.

Pat's cook made Mexican food for dinner.

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