Friday, January 24, 2003

Heringer's in the Philippines, Day 12

We had breakfast (Mango French Toast) at Staples near the hotel. This little restaurant was owned by Carol, a woman that Pat had gotten to know on previous trips to Boracay.

After breakfast, Sharon, Jack and I caught a tricycle to the Taipapa shopping district. We wandered through the shops and ended up buying some t-shirts and a gecko hanging for Jack's room. There were a number of shops selling fresh fruit, meats and fish.

We stopped at the Calypso restaurant , had a couple of beers and wrote postcards.

Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel and started to bargain to rent a sailboat for a couple of hours. We rented a catamaran for two hours and had them take Sharon, Jack and I to a resort at one end of the island called Balihi. There was a very cool cove with a grass hut. The resort was actually on a cliff above the cove. They had rigged a rope and a large bucket to send food and drinks down from the resort into the cove through a hole in the roof of the hut.

We had planned to have lunch in the cove, but got another taste of local service. After a long wait, my Balhi mix sandwich and Jack's spaghetti showed up, but not Sharon's order. We asked several times about the status of Sharon's order and got noncommittal responses. Finally, after probably close to an hour and a half, we gave up and took the catamaran back to the hotel. In spite of the bad service, it was a very cool spot.

This was our last night on Boracay. Continuing the tradition, all of us sat on the beach in front of the Hey Jude bar and watched the sunset.

Sharon, Jack and I had a great dinner at a Portuguese restaurant called Place Banza. Dinner included shrimp curry, chicken kabobs and Portuguese style steaks. I think that this was the best meal that I had on the trip.

After dinner, we ran into Pat, Ryan and Briana at an ice cream parlor.

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