Saturday, June 18, 2005

Washington DC Day 3

After our run, we caught up with the Nooter's. We loaded up their van and all of us went to Baltimore about an hour drive north. We spent the afternoon wandering around Baltimore's Inner Harbor. We toured the US Submarine Torsk and the US Lightship #116 "Chesapeake." Wallen and I had toured a working Trident submarine with Max in September of 1991. It was interesting to walk through a World War II vintage submarine after having toured a contemporary one. The Torsk seemed tiny compared to my recollections of the multiple decked Trident.

The group then headed to Fells Point and had dinner at Bertha's. Almost everyone, including the kids had a big bowl of mussels.

After dinner, we went to Camden Yards and watched the Baltimore Orioles play the Colorado Rockies. The Orioles won by the score of 7 to 2. Miguel Tejada and Sosa led off the fourth inning with back to back home runs.

After getting home after the game, Nooter, Wallen and I went back to Ireland's Four Provinces Restaurant & Pub for a beer and a long talk about six degrees of separation.

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