Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Management Symposium

I spent the day at our Management Symposium. The two day annual event includes about 1,000 managers each day from across the system.

The keynote speaker this year was Quint Studer. Some parts of organization, including IS, have been doing some work with the Studer Group over the last two years. Studer's presentation emphasized a number of concepts that we have been training on including rounding, written thank you notes, peer interviewing, follow-up phone calls, keywords at key times and accountability for goals.

I went to one of the break-outs entitled "How Mills Peninsula Hospital System embraced the EHR and the Hospital of the Future." After lunch I worked for a couple of hours as greeter for our booth showcasing the electronic medical record.

The meeting closed with movitation speaker Alan Hobson. He is a Mt. Everest Climber and Cancer Survivor. Hobson is a very engaging speaker, but I do not think that I will buy any of his books.

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