Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Hawaii - Day One - Waikiki Beach

Hawaii - Day One - Waikiki Beach

Over the last few years, Sharon and I have talked about the fact that I have never vacationed in Hawaii. I went to Honolulu once in 1991 when we were doing the Systematics Commercial Loan implementation. Dan Mattos and I spent two nights and three days there doing the training. When we started to talk about this year's vacation, we ended up settling on a Hawaiian package with Pleasant Holidays.

We took an uneventful 9:15 am flight from Sacramento to Honolulu. Picking up a rental car, we were checked into the room in the hotel by 1:00 pm. We are spending the next few night at the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach. After changing into something more comfortable, we had a nice lunch at the Mai Tai Bar at the hotel.

Afterwards, we wandered down the beach. Sharon had talked about wanting to take an outrigger ride. I was surprised by the experience. With us paddling, they were actually able to get the outrigger to surf a couple of waves into the beach. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the beach, swimming in the ocean and hanging out by the pool. Jack and I were trying to body surf in the smaller waves.

Back in the room to get cleaned up, the laptop [a Mac Air] that I travel with would not boot up. It turned out that there was an Apple Store literally 100 yards from the hotel. Jack and I spent an hour at the Genius Bar working with Justin to get the laptop restored and working.

From there, we headed to dinner. Sharon had made reservations at Duke's. We had a nice dinner with a view of the ocean and Diamondhead. I had swordfish, while Sharon had ahi. The fish was very good and very fresh.

By the time, we got back to the room, our clocks were essentially on midnight. We crashed hard.

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