Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walbeck Baseball Academy 15U Practice

Jack went to the first practice for the Walbeck Baseball Academy 15u team at Bella Vista High School. After trying out last weekend, he got offered a spot on the team. Jack had been planning to return to the Outlaws this summer, but after some soul searching we felt like this was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up. It is a decision made with a heavy heart. Jack has played with the Outlaws, including Cooper, Trevor, Breyton and Josh for almost five years. We have built connections with a number of the families.

There were 12 boys at the Walbeck practice. I think that the final roster will be 16. There were 5 Jesuit players: Jack, Alex and Kyle from the frosh team and Petrucci and Wiesenfarth from the JV team. One of the parents said that there are 5 Bella Vista players and then a couple of boys from Granite Bay.

Try-outs for the Walbeck 17U team were held right after the 15U practice. Two boys from the Jesuit freshman team--Nick and Jared--are trying out for that team.

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