Saturday, May 11, 2013

Walbeck Baseball Academy 15U Try-outs

After spending seven hours working at Loaves and Fishes as part of his community service, Jack went to the Walbeck Baseball Academy 15U Try-outs. This is a tournament baseball team that is going to play in June and July. I heard about this program from one of the Jesuit parents [Dana]. Jack and three of his teammates (Kyle, Alex and Trevor) from the Jesuit team went, as well as two players from the Jesuit JV team.

The group included about 22 boys. I didn't stay and watch the try-outs. Additionally, I signed Jack up after the parent meeting. As a result, I am pretty oblivious to how many kids that the team is going to carry, what the schedule for practices and tournaments will be or what the quality of the kids trying out was. I was shocked to see a number of very small kids in the group of boys trying out. My guess is that they must have been 12 and 13 year olds.

In one of those odd coincidences, Coop was also signed up for the try-out. The coaches actually called Coop's name as they were listing the groups for batting practice. Talking to Rod over the last couple of days, they decided to focus on soccer for the next couple of months.

Talking to a couple of the Jesuit parents when I wandered back at the end of try-outs, they were very complimentary about how Jack did. Jack said that one of the coaches told him that he had the two fastest 60 yard dash times of any of the outfielders and catchers.

At the end of the try-out, the coaches told the boys that we would be contacting the players in the next week to ten days. The plan for the summer has always been to go back and play with the Outlaws. I am honestly not sure what we will do if they offer Jack a spot on this team. I think that part of the key to the puzzle will be who else from the Jesuit team gets offered a spot.

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