Friday, February 21, 2014

Site of Klamath Sinking - February 4, 1921

In 2014 at Sea Ranch, I came across a series of historical markers on my run and during our hike. These included Russian Colony, Site of Klamath Sinking and Del Mar Landing and Lumber Mill.

Site of Klamath Sinking
February 4, 1921

Marker 34A-12

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This site is located at 40507 Tide Pool, Sea Ranch, California. The Sea Ranch Archives Committee has identified twenty-six historic sites scattered about The Sea Ranch. They have constructed trail markers with information explaining the significance of each place. They were placed as part of The Sea Ranch 50th anniversary being celebrated from Memorial Day 2014 to Memorial Day 2015. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 44.351 W 123° 30.074.

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Site of Klamath Sinking - February 4, 1921

The Klamath, a merchant steam vessel with the capacity to carry 1.2 million board feet of lumber and 60 passengers, was on its way to portland when it encountered 75-mile-an-hour winds, heavy rain and rough seas. Breaking waves pushed the ship onto the rocks, where it eventually broke up and sank.

Site of Klamath Sinking - February 4, 1921

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