Friday, February 21, 2014

The Sea Ranch Historical Sites

  • The Gualala Lumber Mill was located across the bridge, in Mendocino County, below the highway, at the bend in the river. Although not on The Sea Ranch, it played a part in the early history of our area. There was a ferry there before any bridges, Bihler was an investor, the Benders had contractual agreements with the mill, Knipp and Stengel supplied it with beef and mill workers for Del Mar came from it after it burned. There is a good view of the area from Gualala Point County Park (1a). The visitors center (1b) in the park has great exhibits and pictures on logging.

  • Gualala Point – Site of World War II bombing range (along Rock Cod) for training Navy pilots.

  • Salal Cove where Salal Creek empties into the ocean was a Pomo site called “Seeton”. Salal creek extends across the highway and becomes Pomo Creek. The creek’s trails led to a major Pomo village named “Kubahmoi” on the Gualala River at Rock Pile Creek.

  • Robert Rutherford/Joe Tongue Barn Site (northwest corner of Halcyon and Highway 1. Also the location of where Valentine Foresti and the Filosi family lived and farmed. The area was used for dairy farming, grain and orchards.

  • Possible site of Joe Tongue’s landing (the end of Fish Rock).

  • Robert Rutherford’s homesite (Deer Trail and West Wind) and orchard (6a – around Fawn).

  • Podsakoff’s grave (bluff at the end of Sea Stack).

  • Del Mar Landing.

  • Del Mar Mill, the steam plant and the buildings which surrounded it used in mill operations.

  • Mill worker/Russian housing (around Starboard Close and Windswept).

  • Approximate route of the mill railroad along Leeward.

  • Del Mar Saloon/Russian Schoolhouse site.

  • Del Mar Store site.

  • Old Barn which is to be renovated. It has been referred to as the mill foreman’s barn and the store warehouse. Located north of the Del Mar tennis courts or, from the highway, it’s behind red gate 20.

  • Mill manager’s house/Frick summer home/Ohlson’s first house site north of Olson’s second house, now the Del Mar Center.

  • Del Mar schoolhouse.

  • Bull Barn remnants across the highway from the schoolhouse.

  • Klamath sinking site at the end of Sea Drift.

  • Brettnacher/Robinson home and orchard site. Behind the Eucalyptus trees across from Leeward Spur.

  • One Eyed Jacks.

  • Sheep pens.

  • First “settlement – Hugal, Hageler, Bihler, then Adam Knipp and Christian Stengel lived there. North end of Rams Horn Reach, north of the Eucalyptus crown. There had been a grist mill along the ravine which was also a butchering site for cattle.

  • Adam Knipp/Chris Stengel barn and out buildings. Also the Ohlson ranch house. Knipp, Stengel and the Ohlson family are probably the longest term and most successful occupants of The Sea Ranch property.

  • Army World War II Radar Base located around Drover’s Close.

  • Kenkoku Maru grounding on Black Point Beach.

  • Black Point Settlement/Bihler Landing – Sea Ranch lodge property.

  • Other Sea Ranch Markers

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