Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 New Orleans Day 5

Sharon and I got up about 6:40 am, packed up the room and checked out. Sharon has a conference starting today and will be spending a few more days in New Orleans. I headed to the airport and caught a 10:35 am flight to Phoenix. Although I had a A44 boarding pass, like the trip back from spring training, I got a seat in the emergency exit row. I walked off the plane in Phoenix and the gate for the Sacramento flight was two gates away. I had an uneventful flight back to Sacramento hitting the ground about 15 minutes ahead of the 3:05 pm scheduled arrival.

A couple of observations. First, unlike the New York trip last fall, we had guidebooks for this trip. I felt like we made pretty good use of them. Second, I had hoped to sit one of the nights and listen to some local music. Due to the logistics of the larger group, I just didn't get this done. Third, I had hoped to have dinner with the Larkin group one of the nights. Again, due to the logistics of the two larger groups, we just didn't get this done.

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