Tuesday, March 04, 2014

2014 Northstar Day 2

Getting up before 7 am, I went down to the Starbucks in the village with my book. I had a cup of coffee and read.

My original plan was to ski with the Larkin group for a second day. While I was at Starbucks, Larkin texted me to let me know that he and Cindy were going to take the day off. His back and ribs were trashed.

I headed back to the condo and kicked back while Hunter and Yuli got ready. One thing I have learned over the last 37 years is that you can't do anything with Hunter and be in a hurry… Hunter had booked a lesson for Yuli. We got her to the ski school and organized about 930 am. Hunter and I were on the slope skiing a little before 10 am. We skied Comstock Express and the Backside until about 1230 pm and then headed to the mid-lodge to meet up with Yuli.

After a quick bite to eat with the two of them, I headed back to the condo to pack up. I was on the road about 130 pm and back in Carmichael about 330 pm. It was a great couple of days. It was nice to spend a couple of days with Hunter catching up.

After twisting my knee yesterday, it was not happy with me in the wet heavy snow at the bottom of the runs. I am probably going to have to ski with some kind of brace on my knee next time. It also dawned on me that prior to this trip I have only skied once in the last four years. This was two years ago at Sugar Bowl with Jack. Note to self, I need to try to make sure that I take at least one annual ski trip!

Finally, it is really shocking how little snow cover there is. Looking north from the top of Northstar, there is no snow in the Martis Valley.

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