Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Spring Training Day 4

Drew and Jack

We got up a little before 6 am, packed up the room and headed to the rental car return. We dropped the car, rode the shuttle to the terminal and went through the security line. Although the security line was fairly short, it took 20 minutes to navigate.

Typically, we had eaten at a Fox Sports restaurant near the gates, but it was gone. Drew, Jack and I got a couple of breakfast burritos instead.

Jack and I boarded our 8:45 am flight almost 30 minutes early. Although we had boarding numbers A54 and A55, I was pleasantly surprised to find that we could get the two seat exit row. It was an easy, uneventful trip. Sharon picked us up and we were home by 11:45 am.

Three observations for the long weekend. First, the Wallens did a great job on the seats. All of the seats were behind home plate and more importantly in the shade for most of the afternoon. Second, in the three games that Jack and I saw, there were 16 home runs and 70 runs scored! Third, I had a wonderful time with everyone. I really enjoyed spending time with Jack on Friday. The two of us had seats separate from the group. I was great to see Drew and let Jack have an opportunity to spend some time with him. I really enjoy Wallen's and Tomasin's company. As I have said before [here and most recently here], I am the emotionally closet to Wallen, but I have a great time traveling and hanging out with Tomasin.

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