Monday, June 16, 2014

Victory Square by Olen Steinhauer

I finished reading Victory Square by Olen Stienhauer. Victory Square is the fifth book in a five book series of thrillers chronicling the evolution of a fictional Eastern European country during the Cold War. I previously read The Bridge of Sighs, The Confession, 36 Yalta Boulevard and Liberation Movements. Sharon's brother Tom recommended the series more than four years ago.

The Bridge of Sighs was set in post-World War II in the late 1940's, The Confession was set in the 1950's and 36 Yalta Boulevard was set in the 1960's. Liberation Movements was set in 1975 with flashbacks into 1968. Liberty Square is set in 1989.

The five books revolve around a series of characters that are either homicide detectives or state security agents. They combine elements of murder mysteries and spy novels. In Liberty Square, a series of murders are taking place as the communist regime is collapsing.

This story weaves together all of the characters from the previous four books. Additionally, the plot reaches back into the first book for its roots.

I enjoyed the book and the series. I give this book a strong B+. I will probably end up reading some of Steinhauer's other books at some point. If you are going to read the books, you should start with the first books and read them in chronologic order.

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