Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020 Work From Sea Ranch - Day 7

At Sea Ranch - Day 7
Sharon and I took an early morning hike from the Deerfield house to Shell Beach. We covered two miles in just over forty-four minutes.

At lunch, we drove to the One-Eye Jack's picnic area. We parked the car and hiked to the Monarch Glen Interpretive Trail. Although this area is marked on the map that I have, I had never noticed it before. There was a guide for the interpretive trail at the house and it caught our attention. I am glad that we brought the guide from the house because there weren't any in the box at the beginning of the trail. The area is well worth a visit.

After finishing the interpretive trail, we hiked a loop back towards the ocean before heading back to the car. The weather was gorgeous. We have been lucky all week.

At the end of the work day, I did a twenty minute power walk up the hill to the beginning of the Ridge Trail. I used the Peloton app.  Just before I started my walk, the fog started to roll in for the first time since we have been here.

Heading into Gualala to pick up dinner, we stopped for a couple of things at the market. We got a take out pizza from Upper Crust Pizzeria.

We finished the day watching the second Trump Biden Presidential Debate. It wasn't the shitshow that the first debate was. Although I am a California Republican, I do not like Trump.

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