Friday, October 16, 2020

2020 Work from Sea Ranch - Day 1

At Blue Farm Wine
After the Sea Ranch trip in August, Sharon and I started talking about the idea that since we are working from home we could work from anywhere. We decided to book ten days back at Sea Ranch.

We rolled from the house about 9. We met the Gainsleys at Blue Farm Wine at about 10:35 am for an 11 am tasting. The owner of Blue Farm was the founder of Donum. The wine was very good.

After the tasting, the four of us stopped in Bogeta Bay at the Tides. We bought some oysters and smoked salmon. We ate a late lunch on the south deck. Sharon made muffuletta sandwiches for lunch.

We got to Gualala about 3:30 pm and picked up the keys to the house. We are spending ten days at Deerfield. The house is on the east side of Highway 1. We haven't stayed on this side of the highway in more than twenty years.

After doing a work Teams meeting, I did a quick loop around the area to explore. Sharon made a lasagna for dinner. The four of us finished the day in the hot tub. Everyone crashed fairly early.

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