Monday, October 26, 2020

2020 Work From Sea Ranch - Day 11

Moving day. Up early, I started loading up the car before 7 am. After a quick breakfast, I did a couple of work meetings.

We rolled from the house before 10 am. With a quick stop in Bogeda Bay, we were at the Artesa Winery before 12:30 pm. We had seen the Artesa Winery featured in the movie Wine Country. I was very impressed with the views from the winery that they showed in the film. Sharon and Liz visited the winery in 2004.

We did a Heritage Flight Tasting with Tapas. I enjoyed the wine, the food and the view. We sat on the patio looking south towards the bay. Unfortunately, it was very windy. To Sharon's dismay, due to the wind, the fountains weren't running.

We were back in Carmichael about 3:30 pm. Both Drew and Jack were there. Drew showed up on October 16 and housesat while we were gone. Jack had flew to Sacramento on Ocotber 20 and has been working remote from Carmichael over the last week.

It is likely that both Sharon and I will be working from home for the foreseeable future. The open question is where will we work from next!

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