Monday, October 19, 2020

2020 Work From Sea Ranch - Day 4

At Sea Ranch
I went for an early morning walk towards the ocean. Although we are east of Highway 1, we are only roughly 3/4s of mile from the bluff trail.

Afterwards, I dove into the work day. The Gainsleys headed back to Elk Grove about 9 am. I had debated just bringing my laptop, but at the last minute decided to bring everything: large monitor, keyboard, mouse, usb speaker and web camera. I am glad I did.

We took a break for lunch and drove into Gualala. We had lunch at Trinks Cafe. They have a very large lawn area in the back overlooking the ocean. I had a blackened chicken sandwich, while Sharon had a B B L T [Bacon, Blue Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce on a Sourdough Baguette].

At the end of the work day, Sharon and I hiked down to the bluff trail. We covered three miles in a little over an hour. The weather is gorgeous.

We finished the night with chicken, rice and salad for dinner. We watched most of The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams. It is going to be an interesting two weeks before election day.

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