Sunday, March 21, 2021

Ancil Hoffman with the Coffins

Ancil Hoffman with the Coffins

Teeing off late on Sunday afternoon, Sharon and I played nine holes at Ancil Hoffmans with the Coffins. We played with them once before in the neighborhood golf tournament last year. I really appreciate the fact that Sharon plays golf; it is nice to be able to play with other couples.

I had an interesting round. I hit the ball off the tee extremely well. Additionally, I hit a number of solid short irons and didn't chip or putt too badly. The problem was my second shot in the fairway. When Sharon and I played with the Wongs in February, I struggled off the tee, but was saving myself with some booming fairway wood and hybrid iron shots. These shots were not working on Sunday.

It was a slow round. The backup started at the fourth tee. My app said that it took us two hours and fifty-eight minutes to play nine holes.

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