Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Father

Continuing our quest to watch all of the Oscar nominated films, Sharon and I watched The Father on Saturday night on the AppleTV. The film earned six nominations at the 93rd Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins), and Best Supporting Actress (Olivia Colman). At the 78th Golden Globe Awards, the film received four nominations, including Best Motion Picture – Drama, and at the 74th British Academy Film Awards received six nominations, including Best Film.

The film was co-written and directed by Florian Zeller. It is based on Zeller's 2012 play Le Père. A French-British co-production, the film stars Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell and Olivia Williams.

The plot follows an aging man who must deal with his progressing memory loss. It is a devastating portrayal of dementia.

Although I don't think that it will win best picture, this may be my favorite movie of this year's Oscar nominated films that we have seen so far. It is extremely well done. I recommend it.

Watching other people struggle with aging parents, I have repeatedly told myself that I would let the kids do what they thought was best for me. This is probably easier said than done. Nevertheless, it is something that I am going to try and carry as a core value.

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