Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Dave Hare

Cleaning out a file cabinet in the storage shed, I came across a number of pictures and other documents piled with some old legal papers. This included the program from Dave Hare's memorial service more than twenty-nine years ago. A scanned copy is here.

Dave passed away from a brain tumor in 1992.

His memorial service marks a significant turning point in my life. God willing, I hope to write a book or two some day. My thinking about writing has changed over the yeears from one book with alternating chapters to two books. Dave's memorial service is roughly the end of the first book.

A picture of Dave from the My Life Photo series is here.

In 1984, Nooter and I met Dave Hare and Dave's wife Jan at the Concord Pavilion for a Jimmy Buffett concert. As part of stuff that I found, I have a letter that Jan wrote me after the memorial service. I am going to scan and post the note in the next week or so.

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