Friday, August 27, 2021

2021 Carmel Valley - Day 1

Sharon and I took off at noon for the Carmel Valley. We are spending two nights with Holly and Van. They rented a VRBO last year for a wedding that got cancelled and moved the credit to a weekend this year.

I made a tactical error. Leaving the house, the GPS in the car routed us to the bay area and through the south bay [80 to 680 to 101]. I should always use Waze! It ended up taking two hours to drive the last sixty miles. Highway 101 South was a parking lot. The total trip took just over five hours.

The drive up to the VRBO was interesting. The house is called the Henderson Treehouse. It is on Hitchcock Canyon Road about two miles from main road. The last half a mile is a one lane private road.

It was after 5 pm by the time we got to the house. After getting unloaded and settled in, we spent some time on the deck with hors d'oeuvres and a glass of wine.

The four of us finished the day with a late dinner at Lucia Restaurant and Bar. Sharon and I spilt crab cakes as an appetizers. For mains, I had Ahi, while Sharon had salmon. Van had rissoto, while Holley also had salmon. Everyone was very underwhelmed by the main courses...

Van drove to the restaurant and back. I crashed hard about 11:30 pm.

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