Sunday, August 29, 2021

2021 Carmel Valley - Day 3

After breakfast, we packed up the cars. With some discussion over breakfast, we decided to head into Carmel, rather than hike in Garland Regional Park.

Finding a parking space on Ocean Avenue, the four of us walked the Carmel Beach City Park Trail. A map is here. In total, we covered 2.4 miles in about 59 minutes.

Sharon and Holly had made reservations for lunch at the Catch Restaurant for noon. Getting there a little early, we got a nice table on the sidewalk. I got some osyters as an appetizer. Sharon and I both had crab louies salads. This was frankly the best meal that we had during the weekend.

We rolled from Carmel about 1:40 pm. With two short stops, we were back in Carmichael by 5:40 pm, almost exactly four hours. Unlike the fiasco on Friday, I let Waze lead the way [1 to 156 to 101 to 156 to 5 to 50].

Holly and Van stopped in Watsonville and played 14 more holes of golf on Sunday afternoon!

A couple of general observations, it is a long ways to go for less than 48 hours. We were there less than 45 hours. with nine hours of driving, it makes more sense to do it for three nights, rather than just two nights.

I don't recommend the Henderson Treehouse as a Carmel VRBO. It is a long way up the Carmel Valley and almost two miles off the main road. It is very rustic and secluded; not what I am looking for when I travel to Carmel.

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