Sunday, August 15, 2021


Donna, Kevin, Sharon and I played golf at Wildhawk. I have played there a couple of times including in 2014 with Kevin and sometime in the 2000s with Judy and Cliff.

Teeing off about 9:40 am, It took us four hours and twenty eight minutes to play the round. Using two mulligans off the tee, I ended up with a fairly honestly scored 107. I had a number of good holes, but also fell completely apart on several others, particularly the sixth. Although better, my chipping cost me a couple of strokes. I would like to get to the point that I could break 100 consistently.

Kevin introduced us to Vegas Golf Chips that he had gotten as a present. It was an interesting wrinkle. I ordered a set from Amazon to use when we play golf with Holly and Van in two weeks.
Afterwards, we headed to Donna and Kevin's house. We lounged in their pool and caught up. They made a nice dinner of tri-tip, fries and salad.

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