Sunday, December 12, 2021

2021 Army/Navy Game - Day #4

For the second day in a row, I set an alarm for 750 am. Although I spent some time searching for other options, we ended up having breakfast at the hotel [french toast]. After a leisurely breakfast with the group, we packed up the room and moved our bags to Tomasin and Snipes' room.

We spent the late morning hanging out in the lobby/bar of the hotel with a great view of New York City. Eventually, we checked our bags with the bellman and moved next door to The Highwood. It had a nice set up for watching football.

About 345 pm, Tomasin, Snipes, Larkin and I caught an Uber to Newark Liberty International Airport; it took 40 minutes. The airport was busy. I used CLEAR, but the group beat me through the TSA Pre line. We sat and had dinner at the Vanguard Kitchen near the gate [burgers].

Boarding about ten minutes late, the four of us caught a nonstop United flight to Sacramento. Unfortunately, after we boarded, the plane sat at the gate for about an hour. Scheduled to leave at 6:55 pm, the flight didn't take off until 7:53 pm.

At just over six hours, it was a long flight. Although I had a nice exit row aisle, I got restless.

On the ground in Sacramento about 1110 pm, Jack picked me up at the curb. I was home and in bed just after midnight.

It was a great trip. I enjoy the group's company immensely. Two observations.

First, as we visited in Nooter's room early friday morning, Nooter and Larkin spent a couple of hours talking about music and playing a number of old songs on the bluetooth speaker. I told the two of them later in the weekend that I found that very interesting to watch. Larkin and I have been hanging out for forty years, but we never really talk about music; it is not one of the ways that he and I connect.

Second, while I love these guys, I would rather travel with Sharon. I enjoy seeing the world and exploring. Sharon and I have very similar aggressive rhythms.

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