Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve 2021

In an attempt to have a larger family celebration in this uncertain time, Sharon and I invited everyone to a Christmas Eve open house. Unfortunately, this turned into a drama with political overtunes.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be a very nice afternoon. Kevin, Leah, Lydia and Amelia showed up about 1:15 pm and stayed for an hour and a half. Jim showed up about 2 pm. Lee, Morgan and Daniel turned up at 3:00 pm. Erin and Cromac and Will and Eileen rolled about about 4 pm and stayed until just before 7 pm. As a result, we had twelve different guests over almost six hours! I do miss the larger Frame Family events...

I was dissappointed that Tom didn't make it. At the last minute, he decided to focus on getting his house cleaned up for a couple of holiday celebrations over the next couple of days.

Sharon got a honey baked ham. We had a spread of appetizers with several people bringing contributions.

After everyone left and we picked up a little, Sharon and I finished the day watching episode eight of season three of Succession.

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