Wednesday, July 20, 2022

July 2022 Sea Ranch - Day #6

I pushed Sharon to hike the Bobcat Trail; you can do hard stuff. This is a trail that we had never hiked before. It included several parts marked as steep. It turned out to be a nice hike with several sections along fern covered ravines and through a redwood grove. We covered 3.7 miles in just under two hours. A map is here. A Relive! is here.

After the hike, we headed into Gualala for groceries for dinner.

After lunch, we cleaned up the house. After a couple of days by ourselves, we have some neighbors coming for the rest of the week.

I drove the Volvo up to the lodge and ran back.

Jim and Debbie rolled up about 3 pm. After they got settled, the four of us walked up to the Lodge for a cocktail. We had a nice time visiting with our new favorite bartender [Ren].

Sharon made lingcod, rice and aspargus for dinner. The four of us finished the night playing Codenames. We had played Codenames with Holly and Van at Sea Ranch last year.

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