Friday, July 15, 2022

July 2022 Sea Ranch - Day #1

Sharon and I rolled from Carmichael about 8:15 am. We met the Gainsleys at Donum Estates for a tasting. Although it feels longer, we have been wine club members at Donum since 2017. The four of us did an experience tasting that includes a walk around the property.

We stopped for lunch in Bodega Bay. Sharon and I brought sandwiches that we picked up at Whole Foods. We shopped for oysters and smoked salmon at the Tides Wharf Fish Market.

We rolled in Gualala just before 3 pm to pick up the key. We are spending eight nights at Monette. We stayed in the same house in February.

After unloading and settling into the house, the four of us walked to the Sea Ranch Lodge and had a drink at the bar. It was very windy on the walk back to the house. Sharon has always talked about how windy it is at Sea Ranch in the summer.

For dinner, Kevin barbecued oysters and steaks. Donna baked a couple of potatoes and Sharon made a salad. We finished the night in the hot tub. When we were here in February, Sharon never went into the hot tub...

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