Sunday, July 03, 2022

Ancil Hoffman Neighborhood Golf Outing

Sunday afternoon, Sharon and I played golf with Jim and Debi and Mike and Jill at Ancil Hoffman. We have done a neighbor golf outing/tournament a couple of times in the last two years [September 2021, April 2021 and July 2020].

Still recovering from mohs surgery on Wednesday, I just chipped and putted on most of the holes. I experimented with the chipper around the greens. On the par threes, I hit off the tee. Teeing off at 3 pm, we only played 15 holes.

After golf, we hosted everyone at our house for dinner. Sharon made a great dinner of salmon and rice. Jim and Debi made a charcuterie plate. Mike and Jill made a grilled caesar salad and a peach cobbler.

We finished the night on the upper balcony watching the Rancho Cordova fireworks.

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