Sunday, October 07, 2007

News, news and more news from Drew

Greetings All,

many things are happening & its been a couple months since an update : so here we go :

Topic 1: New Music

the new E.P. is still coming out. at this point it looks like it will be done in mid november to early december & definitely before the new year. i am traveling to Los Angeles this weekend to put the final touches on it. i am very pleased with the sound as it falls somewhere between "& we hope" & "Unfold" & i can't wait to release it : much like a college freshman out into the world for the first time. the working title is "Seems So Long Since Yesterday: E.P."

Topic 2: January West Coast Tour

the tour is coming together & we are currently booking for anywhere between San Diego & Seattle on the West Coast in January of '08. it will start in Placerville on December 28th or 29th & stop back in Sacramento January 24th.

tour dates will start coming up in the next couple weeks - keep checking for updates.

the band is set & some combination of these people will be playing:

Kellen Garcia - Bass
Jason Galbraith - Tenor Sax
Max Haymer - All Things with Keys
Eric Frank - Guitar
Jonathan McHenry - Drums

Topic 3: Living Room Sets

along with these tour stops at venues - we have an idea to supplement the down days on tour.

we are interested in playing in your living room.

that's right.
YOUR living room.

all you have to do is invite ALL your friends & promise to have a good time & we'll play an acoustic set.

our biggest reason for touring is to play for new audiences & get the music to new people & we believe that this would be a great way to do it. payment would be excepted but not expected : we'll put out a guitar "tip" case & hope to sell some cds. this is grass roots at its finest.

would you be interested in hosting a show? do you have a living room that would make a great stage for a live acoustic set? do you have lots & lots of friends who love music & would love to come hear a bunch of travel minstrels? please email me back at andrewheringer at gmail dot com if you are interested.

Topic 4: I'm Almost Done - One More Thing

i recently read in an article with the capitol records president that studies have shown that above all marketing campaigns & all myspace pages & all internet schemes to make you interested in bands - the best way for artists to catch on is:

word of mouth ladies and gentlemen

i want to thank everyone who has ever told someone, burned a cd for someone, sent a link to someone, played the cd on a car drive for someone who has never heard of Andrew Heringer or my music before.

Peace, Love & more Love:


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