Saturday, December 05, 2009

To Bremerton

When Southwest ran a cheap fares promotion in October, I decided to grab a ticket to come up and see the Wallens. Up early, I caught an empty 7 a.m. flight from Sacramento to Seattle-Tacoma. I rented a car and after a brief period of wrestling with the GPS (it wanted to take me into to downtown Seattle to catch the ferry to Bremerton) I drove to Wallen's beautiful place on Phinney Bay.

John, Jill and I had a long leisurely lunch at the Boatshed in Bremerton. There was a grey whale swimming back and forth between the Manette Bridge and the Turner Joy. It was an amazing sight.

At the Boatshed

In the early evening, the three of us headed to a Christmas party thrown by the CEO of Harrison Medical Center. John is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board. I met the CEO and his wife before at Jill's 50th birthday party. I had a nice evening tagging along with John and Jill as they mingled in a crowd of more than 100 people.

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