Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Football Meet the Marauders



We went to the 2012 Jesuit Football Meet the Marauders event. This is an intra-squad scrimmage followed by an introduction of the players and a barbecue.

The frosh team decided not to cut any players this year. The roster for the team that they distributed lists 63 players. At some point, I am going to figure out the average size of the players. Although they are only freshman, the overall team size is smaller than I expected. There are a lot of smaller boys.

At this point, Jack is second string free safety and the second string wide receiver. He did very well in the scrimmage.

The team is essentially playing a 4-4-3 defense. At free safety, Jack is by himself 10 to 12 yards off the line of scrimmage.

Playing free safety with the second team against the first team offense, Jack had a nice interception which he returned about 20 yards down the sideline. He had another chance at an interception over the middle.

Playing wide receiver with the second team against the first team defense, Jack caught one pass on a hook pattern for a short gain. He had one other pass thrown his way on a deep pattern, but the pass was slightly off target.

Particularly on defense, Jack seemed a little timid about sticking his body into the contact. Several of the parents noted that the team has not had any real contact in practice. After the scrimmage, Jack groused that the he got hit the hardest of anyone all day. One of the best and biggest players [Beau] tackled him with when he was returning the interception and then again after he caught the pass on offense. The team has a scrimmage with Rio Linda next Saturday. Given that Jack has never played tackle football before, it will be interesting to see how Jack reacts to more realistic game situations.

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