Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tiger Woods

After the boys finished playing baseball on Sunday in Omaha, Rod and I were sitting with a group watching the U.S. Open. He and I got into a debate about Tiger Woods. I bet him that Tiger would not win another major before Jack and Cooper graduated from Jesuit.

I have played all of the major sports [in some cases very badly] and believe that golf is one of the most physically and mentally unforgiving. Watching Tiger limping noticeably after lying on the ground to hit out of the bunker at the British Open and thinking about the emotional issues in his life [sharing two small children], it is difficult for me to see how he could stay focused enough to win a major.

With Tiger sharing the second round lead of the PGA Championship, I watched him play the first six holes today. He just doesn't seem physically or mentally capable of stringing together four rounds in a major.

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