Friday, August 24, 2012

Virtually Biking Across America - Day 26

I rode 32 miles across central Utah. Starting from the Pony Express Black Rock Station [N39 52 41.1 W113 16 17.5], I traveled along the Pony Express-Overland Stage Trail and then turned on the Simpson Springs-Caliao Road. I finished at the Pony Express Simpson’s Springs Station [N40 02 22.0 W112 47 15.3] Along the way, I passed markers for the Dugway [N39 51 29.7 W113 02 09.6] and River Bed [N39 57 35.8 W112 53 42.5] Pony Express Stations. This desolate stretch of Utah has a number of markers for the pony express that were erected by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1939 or 1940.

The trip log for Virtually Biking Across America is here.

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