Wednesday, August 08, 2012

2012 Lake Almanor Day 5

Up fairly early, I sat on the porch of the rental house using the wireless from Chabrier's house to work on email for an hour and a half. I then participated in a work conference call [OOEHR] for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon, we took the boats out on the lake. Keith and his girlfriend [Brigid?] tubed behind the Tomasin's boat, while Hunter, Kurt and I trailed along and worked on solving the world's problems.

Eventually, we rallied everyone and took the group to Carol's for a late lunch. It was a small group that included: Snipes, Joy, Keith, Brigid, Chris, Hunter and I. Tomasin and Mikey had taken off to spend the day in Chico registering Mikey for Butte College.

After lunch, Hunter, Snipes and I stopped in the middle of the lake. In between swimming in the lake to cool off, we continued our efforts toward world peace. It was a hot day--over 100 in the valley--and the lake stayed calm into the late afternoon.

Shortly after we got back to the cabins, Julie, Carol [a friend of Hunter's] and a friend girl of Mikey's got there. Tomasin and Mikey were already back. It was my night to make dinner. I bought salad materials, potatoes and steaks in Carmichael on Tuesday night. While I got the potatoes going and made the salad, Snipes and Tomasin started the coals. I was very pleased with how dinner turned out.

After dinner, the group, sans Hunter and Carol, headed to Plumas Pines. Julie drove the group in their suburban; it is always Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with Julie. We finished the night playing 21 Aces at Plumas Pines. By the time, I got home and settled into bed it was after midnight.

Thursday is going to be a long day...

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