Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rolling Stone - The 30 Best '30 for 30' Films

As ESPN's groundbreaking 30 for 30 series celebrates its fifth anniversary, Rolling Stone picked their favorite films: tales of triumph, tragedy and (of course) 'The U'.

I have seen all of these films, except Hillsborough. Hillsborough was one of the 30 for 30 Soccer Stories that ran during the 2014 World Cup. I have Hillsborough downloaded on my iPad, but just have not watched it yet. Given Rolling Stone's comments about the film, I am going to make it a priority before the end of the year.

I ranked the original 30 for 30 series. I am not sure that I will ever try to rank all of the films...

Rolling Stone's rankings were:
  1. June 17th, 1994
  2. Hillsborough
  3. No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson
  4. Elway to Marino
  5. This Is What They Want
  6. The Two Escobars
  7. Muhammad and Larry
  8. Survive and Advance
  9. The Best That Never Was
  10. Catching Hell
  11. Judging Jewell
  12. Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks
  13. Venus Vs.
  14. The Birth of Big Air
  15. Youngstown Boys
  16. The U
  17. Broke
  18. Big Shot
  19. Untucked
  20. Requiem for the Big East
  21. Four Days in October
  22. The High Five
  23. Swoopes
  24. Free Spirits
  25. The Price of Gold
  26. The Fab 5
  27. Run Ricky Run
  28. Unmatched
  29. Fernando Nation
  30. Into the Wind

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