Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Sharon in DC - Day 2

Sharon started the day with juice and a breakfast burrito at Jaco Juice and Taco Bar. Jack joined her there.

From there, Sharon and Jack walked into Georgetown and rented bikes. They rode up the Rock Creek Parkway to the zoo. Sharon and I hiked this section last fall when we were there for parent weekend. They dropped the bikes at the zoo. Admission to the zoo was free. They wandered in, got a cold drink and visited a few animals.

Eventually, they took an Uber back to the hotel. After a short break, they took an Uber to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace for lunch. Sharon said that the burgers were very good.

After lunch, Sharon and Jack explored the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Located on the mall, I haven't been to this museum. It was conceived as the United States' museum of contemporary and modern art. The Hirschhorn focuses its collection-building and exhibition-planning mainly on the post–World War II period.

From there, they walked to the National Portrait Gallery. Although we visited it during our visit in 2011, Jack didn't remember going there. New to the collection are the portraits of Michelle and Barack Obama.

Heading back to the Georgetown, they finished the day with dinner at the Peacock Cafe. Sharon had ROASTED SCOTTISH SALMON [Grilled Sweet Potato, Asparagus, Salsa Verde], while Jack had an AHI TUNA SALAD [Arugula and Endive Salad, Sesame-Lemon Dressing].

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