Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 LYB Minor Twins Game #13

Jack played in his thirteenth game of the 2009 Laguna Youth Baseball Minor League Season. The Twins played against the Dodgers. The Twins lost to the Dodgers by a score of 8 to 4 in the third game of the season and by a score of 6 to 0 in the ninth game of the season. There were two kids on the other team from the Gunners: Niko and Cooper. Niko pitched the third and fourth innings. Cooper came in with one out in the sixth and pitched.

At the plate, I am scoring Jack as 2 for 3 with two runs scored. The official scorer gave Jack 1 for 3. In his first at bat, Jack drove a 3 - 2 pitch hard down the third base line off the third baseman's glove. Becky scored this as an error on the third baseman. He stole second and third and then came home on a passed ball to score the game's first run.

In his second plate appearance, Jack pushed one to the right side and was thrown out at first base. Jack hit a slow roller to the left side off Cooper in his third at-bat and beat the throw for an infield hit. He went to second on a single by Ian. On an infield grounder, Jack went to third and kept running. I was very surprised to see him round third and never slow down. The infielders tried to make the play at second and threw home. Jack slide home safe under the tag.

In the field, Jack played four innings at third base and pitched the third and fourth innings. He threw 37 pitches. At third and pitcher, Jack fielded four grounders cleanly and made solid throws to first and second. Unfortunately, two of the throws were dropped for errors. He got a little frustrated with his teammates...

In an very exciting back and forth game, the Twins tied the Dodgers with a score of 8 to 8. Their record for the season is 5 wins, 6 losses and 2 ties.

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