Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Outlaws Baseball Tournament #2 Day #1

Leaving the Consolation Game of the Christian Brothers basketball tournament on Saturday afternoon, Jack and I hustled to Woodland. The Outlaws are playing in a 12 team Super Series President's Weekend Baseball Tournament.

The Outlaws played the Cepeda Giants in the first game of the tournament. The Outlaws have not played the Giants before.

In hindsight, I probably pushed Jack too hard over the last two weekends. With basketball and baseball tournaments both weekends, Jack has looked he has never seen a baseball bat before. At the plate against the Giants, Jack was 0 for 3 with three strike-outs. He struck out swinging on a full count in his first at-bat. In his next two at-bats, Jack struck out looking on identical counts of 2 and 2.

In the field, Jack played six innings at first base. He had five put-outs on throws from the pitcher, second baseman and shortstop. Aaron started a double play in the fourth inning by tagging the runner going to second and throwing to Jack at first base.

The Outlaws left 10 runners on base. Twice they had the bases loaded with less than two outs and twice they had runners on second and third with less than two outs.

The Outlaws gave up only one hit, but walked the lead-off runner to start the inning twice. The Outlaws lost the game by the score of 2 to 1. The box score is here.

On a very cold night with the tournament running over an hour late, the Outlaws played Bandit Baseball in the second game. The Outlaws lost to Bandit Baseball twice in tournaments in January and February of last year.

Jack continued to struggle at the plate. In his first and only at-bat, he struck out looking on a 2 and 1 count. With Jack struggling and upset with himself, the coaches pulled him hoping he would settle down, but frankly he never did.

In the field, Jack played one inning at third base. He had a nice put-out on a ball hit right at his feet.

The Bandit pitcher threw a 89 pitch complete game and the Outlaws managed only one hit. The Outlaws lost to the Bandits by the score of 3 to 1. The box score is here.

The Outlaws have 1 win and 4 losses for Spring 2011 season. The game log is here.

The Outlaws will play the Bulldogs on Sunday morning.

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