Monday, February 28, 2011

Heringer Boulevard

Every year, Jack's school auctions off the street sign in front of school as a fund raiser. I have bid on it in the past, but have always been outbid by someone with deeper pockets. At last year's dinner and auction, I was not planning to bid on the sign. I had spent the money I had earmarked for sign on a pitching machine.

When the item came up during the live auction, there were two quick very cheap bids. I made a snap decision to jump into the bidding. At this point, no one else bid! I was more than a little dumbfounded. In the past, the sign had sold for more than eight times what I had bid for it. I won the auction!

Sharon, Phil and Marlene had been deep in conversation and not paying any attention to me. Sharon was very surprised when she realized I had won the sign, but gave the purchase a thumb's up given how little I had paid for it.

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